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Selected Case Study

Hex Brush, the world’s first 6-in-1 makeup applicator started as a napkin sketch of a swiss army brush. Fueled by the need to reduce clutter, we knew we had to create something akin to a swiss army knife, or those multi-pens which have multiple colored inks you can pop out, but still fits in the hand. A bit of novel design was required to preserve the integrity of the bristles when the brushes are moved in and out. The six full-size make up brushes included in this beautiful anodized aluminum product are very comfortable on the skin.

Buy Hex Brush

You can buy Hex Brush at www.hexbrush.com or from Urban Outfitters www.urbanoutfitters.com

Hex Brush is Available at Urban Outfitters

Some Other Recent Projects

VRgineers Xtal 3

VRgineers XTAL

Rapid prototyping of new design concepts.

eSpiro smart spirometer


Planning and development of product features from a point of user interaction and the technical requirements of mechanical, hardware, firmware, software, mobile, cloud, & UI/UX design.

Support of risk management requirements of IEC and ISO standards including FMEA, source control, & code review.

Supported meetings with the worlds largest pharmaceutical companies.

Health Monitors Dose Trackers Score Trackers

Dose Trackers, Health Monitors, Score Trackers

We’ve also provided technical leadership on dozens of other products including: medical devices such as dose counters, hearing aids, and health monitors, and consumer products such as the ScoreBand golf watch.

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