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Our Recipe for Automation

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We’ve designed multimodality wireless trackers which can be embedded during manufacturing or tailored to any manufacturing workflow.

Responsive Web App


With experience in risk management, high-reliability manufacturing, and user interface design, we develop state of the art software to automate any task or workflow in a human-friendly way.

Facial Recognition


Hands-free logging of who was where to reduce the guess-work and complexity of clocking in to a station.

Why invest in comprehensive product lifecycle tracking?

Automatically manage completion times of every production task.

Trace production anomalies back to a time, station, operator.

Value added features, increased yield, and reduced RMA.

Scan with a smartphone for authenticity & warranty operations.

Gain geolocation and other insights on distribution and end users.

Battery-free, lives with your product forever.

Rugged and engineered specifically for what you are manufacturing.

Quartz Case Study

Quartz slab with embedded wireless tracker
Our proprietary wireless tracker enables customers to track and time all stages of engineered quartz production and is designed to endure all processes, including, pressing, curing, cooling, cutting, and polishing. Tracker data can be read using our dust and waterproof equipment or using a smart phone.


Rugged, continuous, hands-free, production tracking to the cloud. 

Smartphone enabled checking of production status and stock check.

Smartphone enabled end user engagement and warranty operations.

Production, distribution and user operations and data are each secure and separate.

Value added user engagement without any change to product appearance.

    Electronics Case Study

    High reliability electronics for oil and aerospace are one of the few surviving industries still ‘Made-in-USA’. Our production tracking keeps track of work-in-progress and helps bring awareness to critical manufacturing floor issues to keep work-orders moving, yield high, and RMAs low. Using proven risk management strategies such as FMEA we have  identified potential operator errors and provided software-supported manufacturing workflows with comprehensive production tracking between all departments and operations.

    Manufacturing FMEA
    downhole pcb

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